Audra Mathews at Max's Garage, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 2017, Emmylou Harris quote

"Simplicity in Country Music is one of the most important things about it. It's about the story and the melody and the sound of the voice and the sincerity of it." ~Emmylou Harris


Audra Mathews photo/quote creation from Harlan Howard quote

"Country Music is three chords and the truth." ~Harlan Howard

..."not two snaps and a rap!" ~Audra Mathews

Audra Mathews photo/quote creation from Grady Smith quote

"Country Music is about stories. It's about lyrics and actual instruments, musicianship... harmonies. All of which are meant to work together for the sake of great song craft and storytelling!" ~Grady Smith


Audra Mathews photo/quote creation from Clint Turner quote

"Keeping yesteday in mind

I will conquer tomorrow

But for now

I will live for today"

     ~Clint Turner