After high school, she attended college as a math major and started waiting tables, quickly becoming known as the singing waitress. At age 25, while driving the late night, hour long drive home from a shift, and mulling over a close friend's 'love triangle' situation, she wrote her first song. 'When You're Gone', written entirely in Audra's head,  is a poignant tale told from the perspective of 'the other woman' and very similar in concept to Sugarland's hit, 'Stay', which was released 10 years later. Restricted by the fact that she did not play any instrument, Audra promptly recruited her mother to grab her own guitar  and put the chords to the melody that she heard in her mind. She wrote this way for the next three years., songs like 'Twinkle', 'Mr. Right' and 'The Little Things'... only being able to hear the music when she could persuade her mother to play them.  

     In January, 2000, at age 28, in need of something to occupy her time during a 6 month move to Iowa, Audra borrowed her mother's back-up nylon string guitar and began teaching herself basic chords and the finger picking style that she'd watched her mother play her whole life. The internet not being what it is today and with no one to instruct her, she used her math background and basic knowledge of a piano keyboard to determine how to build the chords and to modify them. Her mother's masterpiece performance of a classic song by The Animals kept her inspired and 'House of the Rising Sun' became the first song she would learn to play. In July of that year, Audra returned to Tulsa. She continued her favorite style of writing (in her head) ( 'Home For My Heart' & 'If The Dance Floor Could Talk' (co-write)) but she no longer had the endless hours to devote and the guitar was set aside for life... but not for life!